Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Bear Creek Area

Hello, it's me Miley again.  We had a very busy summer/early fall.  Mommy is taking a break from report writing and is helping with the bloggy.  The keyboard does not cooperate with my paws. I always hit at least 2-3 keys each time!   We spent some time in August in the southern Absaroka Mountains north-northeast of Dubois, WY.  On a limited budget, we happily stayed in a Camping Kabin at the KOA Campground.   We woke up one crisp August morning to 32 degrees with frost on the truck's windshield.  Dubois is at about 6,940 feet so it cools down at night.  

We got to explore a new area (nice road in pic below).  We tried out the 4 Wheel Drive Low setting on the Durango on some rocky, steep grades.
  We had lots of rocky roads.
Walked on trails through the willows.

 Read an informative but not comforting sign.  Happily no close encounters with grizzly bears!
Crossed the East Fork of the Wind River in a shallow rocky area. This probably would have been impossible in June when the water was much higher.   

Recorded a cow camp with one cabin dating to the 1920s (with very modern front door).

Nice area for a cow camp.
I'll try to get Mommy on here again soon.  Hugs, Miley
Hugs, Miley

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  1. Oh Miley darling! So good to see you back again. The scenery in you photos is very rustic. Lovely!!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & HOotie

    ps-You better be careful that you don't run into any of those grizzly bears. Yikes! We have them up here too, but have never seen them.


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