Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back in the Field (and bloggy)

Hello.  It's me, Miley back after a long break.  Mommy ended up working in the lowlands during our very long and hot summer of 2012 so she couldn't take me with her.  Then she got very busy last fall, despite my requests that she at least post an update.

Well, the snow melted and we did get to work in a somewhat scenic area at about 25 miles east of Yellowstone National Park along the North Fork of the Shoshone River, just inside of the Forest boundary.  Wish Mommy would have driven me through the Park, but it isn't open yet for vehicular traffic.  Still covered with 3-4 feet of snow, the roads are being plowed so the East Entrance (original entrance and closest to Cody, WY) can officially open in May.

Photo of study area along North Fork of Shoshone River looking northeast.  Signal Peak in left background.
A narrow one-way bridge along a county road is scheduled to be replaced so we had to do an archaeological survey (technically termed Class III cultural resource inventory).  Below are a few pics of the existing bridge, about 85 feet long (looks shorter in pics) leading towards the Grizzly Ranch and several others.

(Above) Bridge looking southward towards Flag Peak.  (Below) side view.
Bridge viewed northward toward Flag Peak
(Above and below) Here's me at the base of an andesite outcrop near the road.

(Above) View southwest through Shoshone River Canyon. (Below) eastward view of river.

 We did see a small herd of about 20 Bighorn (Dall) sheep strolling along the highway.  Six sauntered down to graze along the terrace while we were hiking along a ditch berm adjacent to the river.  Unfortunately, Mom's camera lens wasn't strong enough to get a good photo - Grrr!  Hence the "mystery animal" pics below of the ram with a few ewes.

Hugs, Miley