Saturday, October 30, 2010

We're Back!

Hello, it's me Miley.  Mommy has spent most of the summer trudging about the bentonite mines.  It was too hot for me to go with her so I had to stay home - Very boring for me.  I did excavate some elaborate tunnels in my spare time. 

Happily, the weather has cooled down with fall's arrival.  Earlier this month, Mommy and I had one last brief project in the mountains just southeast of Bridger-Teton National Forest.  We made the 350 mile drive (no interstate, mostly 2 lane roads)  in only 7 hours including two bathroom stops, a fuel stop, and the Wendy's drive-thru.  I love hamburgers! Drove by the Farson Mercantile (below).

Our chilly study area was on the crest of Commissary Ridge at elevations of 9,300-9,450 feet.  Very little snow, but the ground was starting to feeze.  I saw a pretty rock (weighing around 7-10 pounds) only 40 feet or so from our truck.  I asked Mommy to pick it up for me - usually the larger nice ones are far from where we've parked.  Mommy tried to extract it, but the stone was frozen into the ground!  Guess it'll stay there until May or June. 

Upon checking in at the motel, we discovered that our room was on the second floor, not the first floor as planned.  For Mommy this simply meant more climbing but I didn't like the stairs (open with expanded metal steps)!  They were scarey!  If I had little paws like a Pomeranian or sheltie, my feet would have went through.  Mommy had to coax me up the stairs then down for the first few times.       

  Had a nice view from the project area (referring to pic below not scarey stairway above)

Have a Happy Halloween!

Hugs, Miley