Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hiking through Elk Basin

Hello, it's Miley.  I 've finally gotten Mommy to update the blog.  She was mildly horrified when I pointed out that our last post was back in January.  She spent the late winter and early spring buried in reports and just got back into the field last month.  At least I got to go with her for a few days before the weather became too hot. 

We started on the gentle crest of Polecat Bench and headed north-northwest.  The snow-capped, Beartooth Mountains are visible on the western horizon.
     Elk Basin is rather rugged below the bench.

I like sandstone outcrops.  Sometimes bunnies pop out and startle Mommy.
This rock did not look happy!

  We walked through several steep drainages.  We were both tired by the end of the day.
Here's a little map.  The terrain in the west half (left) is much rougher than the gradual crest of Polecat Bench.  Both of us got a nice workout!

Hugs, Miley