Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring finally here and Fieldwork Begins

Hello everyone.  Mommy and I finally got out in the field around April 8 after being delayed by snow and cold weather.  Last year we were working on February 28 - major difference in weather patterns.  The mountain snowpack is ranging from 180-230% of the annual average; guess we won't be hiking in the high country for a while yet.   We feel bad for the people in parts of Montana where it's flooding.

I'm helping Mommy loose the winter weight.  I love exploring around sandstone and shale outcrops, especially when bunnies pop out!  But my mean Mommy won't let me chase them.  Sometimes the bunnies startle her - I think it's funny!

Hugs, Miley


  1. What an awesome playground, Miley! Bummer that your mom won't let you chase the bunnies!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Hey Miley, My Vickie says she understands your moms cabin fever and we even pulled out the camping gear just to look at it.

    Even though we go walking inthe area around our place daily, I still want to get up into the mountains. Your actually pretty lucky.

    I can't wait to learn more about you on your posts.

    Great to meet you


  3. Miley! Isn't it great that spring is here! All but the threat of floods from all the snowpack ... wow it's been a crazy winter and spring.

    We remember exactly this time last year we were in your neck of the woods ... what wonderful memories. This year there's lots more snow ... but we know we'd still love it.

    So. Do us a favor. OK? Enjoy it for us, and tell us all about it.

    Jake and Fergi

  4. Please make it stop raining! (Is it even raining there?) Our basement is flooding and Moma is in a really bad mood!

    Enough of that. It's time to play!
    Jake and Fergi


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