Friday, August 13, 2010

Back in the Mountains

Hello.  Mariah here, I've finally gotten Mommy to update the bloggy.  In late July, we returned to the Double D Guest Ranch area in the Absaroka Mountains on Shoshone National Forest.  Mom had to do some additional testing on a few sites that we recorded there last fall.  Since no lengthy hikes were needed and the weather was cooler (elevation around 8,200 feet), I went with her.  Most of the time, we were in big, open meadows and no bears were encountered.  In light of  the fatal mauling at the Soda Butte Campground in southern Montana (, we didn't want to find any bears. 

We did find a herd of young cows.  Mommy seems to attract them.  One was licking the exhaust pipe of the pickup within a few minutes of Mom shutting the ignition off.  Since the truck had been running for over two hours, it must have been hot!  Happily, Bessie (good nickname for the cow) showed no indications of discomfort.


We spent some time along the banks of Jojo Creek, a Wood River tributary

I sat and relaxed while Mommy looked at the old swimming pool (early 1940s).  Don't think it can hold water anymore. 

Hugs, Mariah


  1. We thought we would drop by and say Hello..we saw you on our friends Molly, Monty & Taffy's blog!

    That looks like a brillo trip. Fabulous photos & scenery. Our hoomans were in Montana - visited Soda Bute Creek earlier in the year but the bears were asleep!

    See you again soon.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thuglets

  2. Are you away trippin again??

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  3. Hi! We stopped by to see how things are going! Where are you? We're assuming you're out of the hills for a while. Hope all is well!

    Oh! We heard one of our neighbors saw bear scat just a few houses up. The news made us think of you.

    And we have a question: Just WHY would a cow lick an exhaust pipe? We can think of lots of other things that have a lot more appeal. Like antlers!

    Hope you're well.

    We'll be back!
    Jake and Fergi xxoo


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